Trekking and nature trails

The Salento area is characterized by the strong presence of nature, from the sea to the limestone rocks, the woods to the Mediterranean in Salento everything is nature.

Infinite possibilities of green routes in this beautiful land: hiking in the countryside, walks in the woods of oak and holm oak, cycling routes in the Mediterranean lined paths, etc. In addition, many of the coastal areas of the Capo di Leuca (Tricase, Castrignano del Capo Gagliano del Capo, Tiggiano, etc.) Within the Costa Park Otranto – Santa Maria di Leuca and Tricase Forest, established by the Puglia Region in order to safeguard the coast East of Salento, rich in precious architectural monuments and important species of animals and plants.

Near the villa, the Grotta Azzurra Path contains the name of all its beauty.

Departing from Alessano, it spreads over a distance of 500 meters and a vertical drop of 4 meters which makes it affordable for everyone and all. The Blue Cave is breathtaking for the many shades of blue that characterize it; the simple path becomes even more valuable because it leads to the Path of Ciolo, whose name is not new to fans of Salento and breathtaking dives (from the bridge of Ciolo, in fact). The trail starts from the Ciolo Gagliano del Capo. After the chapel dedicated to the Madonna di Leuca, the first of many dedicated to the Virgin protector of the area, there are places on the cattle track of Ciolo. It ‘exciting even for the most inexperienced observe the erosion that wind, sun and rain have produced the imposing rocky ridges.

By the Ciolo, then, you meet the path of Cipolliane that in about an hour, leading to the Old Port of Novaglie, along the way offering numerous historical and natural cues.

Finally, the municipality of Cape Castrignano offers two major hiking enthusiasts: The Channel of Menghe and the Promenade Leuca.