To the south of Italy, South of Puglia, Salento encloses a riot of colors the genuine soul of the Italian culture. There, where the olive groves grow as far as the eye, where art and history intertwine in Christian crypts and ancient baronial palaces, is a land always been a meeting place of peoples and a popular international tourist destination. Salento is called “The heel of Italy” because it is the end to the southeast of the Italian “boot”, located on the sea not far from the Greek peninsula and Turkey.
Each city contains a piece of history in a baroque church, hidden in an impressive coastal tower, buried under the earth scorched by the sun and wind of the sea … between wild nature and glimpses stones shaped by step the hand of man , by step we discover a history of different cultures scattered hundreds of years of history of plundering barbarians and religious martyrs, between Greek and Arab influences, between the deep religious faith and sinful tarantismo.
Salento culture is made of ancient traditions and rituals: the passage of time is marked by farming, craft and cultural such as the grape and wine production, the olive harvest, the festivities, the Christmas nativity scenes, moments that create and continually recreate the culture. Spirituality and popular culture meet continuously to create a unique and original cultural setting in which the typical Christian religion of the Italian people is intertwined with popular beliefs and pagan customs: that’s how come those typical festive occasions of the Salento culture as processions in sea, the Night of San Rocco, the “focare” Winter, the customs of Lent, etc.
The Salento is characterized by an important presence of nature: from the sea to the limestone rocks, the woods to the Mediterranean in Salento everything is nature. There are numerous parks, protected areas, reserves and nature reserves, and more generally areas of scenic interest.

Otranto, also known as the “Martyrs’ Town”, is the true gem of Salento, a bridge between the West and East, a territory full of Caribbean beaches, a place rich in

An extraordinary economic engine for tourism in Puglia is represented by masseries, a symbol of peasant civilization deeply linked to the history of Puglia and the South. These are structures

For some time now we are witnessing a real tourist boom in Puglia, a region that is always loved and visited not only by Italian tourists but also by foreign

If you are looking for a destination for your Easter holidays, Salento is the land for you: the monuments, nature, architecture, sea and traditions of Salento will charm you. Easter

Anyone who thinks that the Salento is an area where only spend the summer, make a great error. In Salento, throughout the course of the year you can appreciate the

On the boundary line between the earth and the sea of ​​Salento, among the craggy rocks and clear waters, walk along the Trail of Cipolliane, a hiking trail in Salento

Infinite possibilities of green routes in this beautiful land: hiking in the countryside, walks in the woods of oak and holm oak, cycling routes in the Mediterranean lined paths, etc.

As small as this beautiful cove, called Marina di Novaglie, is located along the coastline that runs to get to Leuca. It ‘s all downhill, and this is not easy