Marina di Novaglie is a small natural fortress on the Adriatic Sea, a real wedding favor that Salento performs with pride in all months of the year and, especially, during the summer.

The town is part of the municipality of Alessano and ranks in the stretch of the coastal road connecting Gagliano del Capo and Marina Serra.

Inhabited since ancient times as evidenced by numerous caves used to laure Basilian in the Middle Ages and a haven for fishermen more recently.

The existence of some freshwater springs made of Novaglie a strategic place for the Saracen pirates who came there to stock up. In the sixteenth century, precisely to counter the Saracens, it was built the Torre del Porto, now reduced to a pile of debris. The tower is visible part of what was to be the base of the original structure, made of irregular stones and clay.

Novaglie is home to two ancient laure Basilian (ancient monastic settlements) in the new harbor area, carved into the rock from two natural caves; engaged over time a shelter for boats, you can see in them traits of graffiti writing. also a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows dating from the twentieth century, part of a private home.

The area surrounding the Novaglie Marina is characterized by high cliffs and rugged, dropping straight into the sea, diving in rocky waters that give the water a deep blue color and an interesting backdrop for lovers of diving.

The coast of the navy, however, is characterized by medium-sized rocks, within which the work of man has managed to obtain a small marina, mainly useful for locals who see the fishing jobs and a livelihood even before a passion.

The rocky coast favors the presence of natural caves and coves, very impressive from both a panoramic perspective and naturalistic that for those who love fishing and caving. It is recommended to visit the Elephant Cave, the wonderful Blue Grotto, which owes its name to the light of the sun’s rays that penetrate the rock coming straight into the crystal clear waters, the Grotto of the Nativity Cathedral and the Cave called for its majesty and beauty.